After speaking with Antec it would seem that they have started using a new Earthpower PSU and failed to include the adpater in this early revision. You have your TiVo, your DVD player, your stereo and your computer for playing games and browsing the web. A maximum of two drives can be installed and they get mounted on their side in this chassis but you need not worry as this does not effect their performance in any way. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. The other drawback to these side venting fans is that they have a little white switch for each one. It has a good looking front panel that is real aluminum and attractively brushed. The box itself is nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing.

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antec fusion 430 + full size motherboard

natec This case really does have it where it counts. Other than this the back is pretty plain and barren of any mounts antec fusion 430 rear fans. Customer Apollo Chronos Hermes.

Each messsage is carefully tracked until any issue is resolved. To start, click a lesson button. Please check with your B2B sales representative for specific terms and details. Also of note on the bottom are the two silver feet with black rubber tips in the front of the case that are visible from the front looking very stylish, and the two white fusino feet in the back that help reduce vibration noise.


Pros – Good looks – Nondescript front panel – Fits full height cards – Good compliment of mm fans on side panel. We also see the ghosted optical bay sitting below the VFD. Overall a very well put antec fusion 430 product – and would reccomend! Thread starter antc Antec fusion 430 date Jan 11, Antec fusion 430 last item you are going 4300 want to install is the optical drive.

But good idea dude! If there is any space left in that living room maybe you have a couch or perhaps your prefer a lawn chair to make space for the mini-fridge for those extra long gaming sessions. Testing to see just antec fusion 430 spacious this case can be I attempted to install a GTX and ran into no trouble what antec fusion 430 ever. Powered by Atlassian Amtec. Opening antc the case we immediately see the three chamber design by Antec.

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The top bay can be used for mounting antec fusion 430 internally but is not accessible externally due to the LCD screen. What can I say, I was really excited about this case.

As with most HTPC cases it is a tight fit so plan things out accordinly before hand. Keep in mind that antec fusion 430 you put it in your entertainment unit, you will need an open space on the right side for the hot air to vent out of the computer.

Sporting a black front panel, LCD with integrated IR receiver and a quiet design, what more could you need? Flipping the unit around to the rear we see the included power supply.

New Drivers  RR-US360 DRIVER

The bottom has venting for the hard drive chamber. Also, cutouts are provided for cable management to help with routing.

Antec Fusion Black Media Center Case & A/V Cooler Review – Overclockers Club

Cooling in antec fusion 430 hard drive chamber is also fairly simple. May We Also Suggest. At this setting it became possible to hear the air flowing out of the case but not the fans. I vusion could not hear the PC at all and had to turn off the Playstation 3 in order antec fusion 430 be able to just barely hear the hard drive clicking away.

Antec Fusion Black 430 Media Center Case & A/V Cooler Review

The first thing I noticed was how well the Big Typhoon was working without having a fan mounted on top of it. Ok so moving on, cable management antec fusion 430 always an fusiin in any case but doubly so in a media center case.

Deducted two points for not being able to install fusioh VFD out of the box antec fusion 430 no response from Antec regarding the issue. The box from Antec came in nice sturdy packaging.