Aug 8th , They get installed to a virtual drive using your RAM so no threat of touching your hard drive here. EXE files are for Windows. Al Search Before You Ask. If camorama isn’t installed, install it via adept yes, you can install some programs using the live cd.

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First of all, if you downloaded the iso since April, acet probably using Feisty already, so nothing is going to change until mid-October when Gutsy comes out. I pin pointed when it happended and ran system restore but that was messed too!!! Second, developers put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else so sometimes things that are supposed to get better, get worse.

Bluetooth is installed by default in Linux, and Kubuntu.

He said, while trying to make lemonade out of a lemon. As for speakers, you can tell when you try out the sound and aspore can try the webcam.

The only way you will get some of them to run is using Wine and that’s a post by itself. There is an old, incomplete report about your laptop at bluetotoh Ubuntu Community Help Wikibut it doesn’t look like it’s going to be much help.


That’s why there are upgrades between new releases.

Acer Aspire built in hardware work with Linux??

The best way to know is via the live cd. Acer Aspire built in hardware work with Linux??

I remember when Feisty came out, I haven’t even got around to using it yet! All times are GMT.

Acer Aspire 9410 Notebook Drivers & Softwares

Drivers are built into the kernel itself and for those that aren’t you have to compile them following a howto somewhere. This brings me to my Acer Aspire and office issue I have Vista and am so happy since I fixed my problem. Please, when next you boot to the Feisty live CD open up the terminal and type the following: That’s why there are beta testers.

Bluetooth works as far as I know and card readers are universal so that’s a Yes.

Bluetooth on ASPIRE Z | NotebookReview

See if the camera works. Acer Aspire By bmorcom in forum Network Support. Reason is my parents dont know about it, so they have to think I am using a desktop, I sapire waiting for a good time to tell them ALso when I adjust my volume a think would come on the screen showing that went away too.


Originally Posted by Princey.

Bluetooth on ASPIRE 9410Z

Jul 17th I said so, but later I did and it worked again. It’s a completely different operating system and things don’t run and work the same way like it does in Windows. If camorama isn’t installed, install it via adept yes, you can install some programs using the live cd.

Bluetooth works on my Kubuntu and so does infrared without any extra files needed. EXE files are for Windows. And why they advise people not to blluetooth beta’s on a computer that they need to use. Challenges are what that keeps us from the borderline of boredom in life’s journey. If I’m not mistaken, you said the wireless worked, what about sound? Reinstalling Windoze would fix but it would just come up.

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